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This is an 8 week course that will meet for 2.5 hours 2 days a week.


This course teaches students, through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and exercises, the skills and knowledge necessary for A+ Certification. It is a study of the computer, its hardware and software, from its earliest beginnings, through the advent of mainframe and personal computers, up to present-day Pentium processor driven machines.


This course is intended for anyone making a career change to IT, the entry-level computer technician, as well as for the experienced technician who is seeking certification. For the entry-level student, it starts by explaining the basics and moves on to more complex topics. It introduces the simple concepts that underlie today’s computers. Once this foundation is established, the course brings students up to date with the latest technology covered by the A+ exams. For the more experienced user, the course provides a fresh review and focus on what is required to meet the objectives of the A+ exams.


Anyone who is comfortable with computers, can use simple hand tools (such as a screwdriver), and are familiar with the Microsoft Windows user interface is a good candidate for this course.


Price: $1999.99 with FREE Test Voucher

September 18, 2017
Vienna, VA
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Price: $1999.99 with FREE Test Voucher

Course Number: IT-101
Upcoming Dates:

September  18, 2017
Vienna, VA
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Course Times: 

09:30 AM  to  Noon EST
Monday & Wednesday


Yonatan Gebeyehu

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