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Minimum/General Experience: Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science or Engineering, Security Plus certification and five years of experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Functional Responsibility: Designs and manages the security infrastructure including choosing the network hardware and network operating systems, locks down those systems, and stays focused on possible weaknesses in those systems after hardening them as appropriate.

Performs analysis of organization’s security risks and requirements, rating the importance of existing products and services, and the related design, implementation and maintenance of the security infrastructure to provide protection from security breaches. Interacts with the network engineers. Has a very good understanding of networking, both hardware and operating systems, and the internet.
Minimum Education: Bachelor of Science Degree, and Security Plus Certification.


Minimum/General Experience: Bachelor’s Degree and ten years of related experience, or eight years of experience and an advanced certificate in Security, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Functional Responsibility: Explains the need for organizational security planning, risk management, and develops reports that address hacker and intruder motivations. List considerations, security services and mechanisms when assessing network elements to be protected. Describes how increased security mechanisms can result in increased latency, and identifies the importance of a security policy. Explains authentication and access control and describes the potential risk factors for data security. Summarize the risk factors, including improper authentication and the effects of intrusion on data integrity and data confidentiality.

Explains the concept of security architectures, including the use of a firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), scanning options, and enhanced logging and auditing.
Identifies data security factors in regards to sending unencrypted data across the network and understands the types of encryption used in internetworking.
Minimum Education: Bachelor of Science Degree and Security Plus Certification.


Minimum/General Experience: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Candidate.

Functional Responsibility: Writes, edits, and rewrites material of a technical nature. Prepares proposals, user guides and other technical documentation for presentations. Possesses excellent writing skills. Must be knowledgeable of Information Systems, Security and Technology operations and be able to verbally communicate effectively.


Minimum/General Experience: Bachelor of Science Degree or Master’s Degree Candidate, Security Plus or other certification.

Functional Responsibility: Will support Security Analyst and use state of the art IDS and IPS, Event management and Threat Analysis tools to perform Security Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat and Malware Detection, Log Management, Monitoring, Archiving, SIEM-as-a-Service and Compliance Monitoring.


Application Maintenance, System with 2000 users and 11 remote sites


Senior Analyst/Program Manger

Knowledge and expertise in COBOL II, CICS and software AG’s NATURAL programming.


Senior Programmer/Analyst

Expertise in installation and maintenance of software products in IBM OS/MVS environment. Expertise in installation upgrading and performance of CICS and IBM and Non-IBM software products.



Knowledge and expertise in COBOL II, CICS and software AG’s NATURAL programming.


Database Administrator

Knowledgeable in the analysis, installation, upgrading and maintenance of software AG’s; ADABASE NATURAL and all associated software products (including but not limited to NATURAL security, ADABASE online services, predict, Delta Save), and third party vendors (SPL’s: ADAPRAP, CA LEGENT’s APAS, SPACEMAN, MIMGR)


Communications engineer

Knowledge in Networking strategy standards, performance, recovery and testing. Proficient in 3745/46 upgrades and installation, customization, and support of IBM’s Netview, VTAM, and NCP network capacity planning and performance analysis, including simulations.


Extensive experience with ADABAS and NATURAL. Experience in application development, Creating Ad Hoc reports and developing system enhancements.


Environment: IBM ES9000 running IBM OS/MVS


  • VS Cobol II
  • Natural 2
  • VSAM
  • CICS
  • BMS (Basic mapping service)
  • SDF (Screen development Facility II)
  • $AVRS (Sysout/Syslog AccumulationViewing/Retrieval System)
  • CA-7 Job Scheduling
  • JCL
  • PROC


Location: Washington, D.C.

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