How a Tech Solutions Provider Found Power in CSPM

Project management certifications can be extremely valuable to your career. Just ask
Patrick Weithers, President and CEO of Nu‐Pulse Technologies, Fort Washington, Maryland. Weithers became a Certified Security Project Manager ﴾CSPM®﴿ in 2013, and he saw immediate results.

“Our commercial business increased exponentially the year after certification. We were able to stream processes to deliver the work faster while focusing on quality. It has allowed me to get an audience in situations where I may not have been successful without it,” Weithers said.

Seeking tools to give his career a boost, Weithers discovered the CSPM credential

while studying for the Project Management Professional ﴾PMP﴿ exam. Weithers became a certified CSPM, and discovered that it helped his career by improving his

capacity for delivering physical security projects on time and within budget. CSPM also made his organization more marketable.

“I had a high awareness of the value of a project management credential as it relates to conveying an understanding of the dependency of successful projects upon sound management of scope, time, cost, quality, resources, communication, procurement, risk and stakeholders. The CSPM certification allowed me to present myself as a competent physical security project management professional,” he said.

And Weithers already was a seasoned professional prior to gaining his CSPM certification. He has more than 36 years of combined management and design experience with security, information technology and telecommunications systems projects, nearly a quarter of which has been in the role of chief information officer. At Nu‐Pulse Technologies, Weithers focuses on risk and vulnerability analysis and risk mitigation based on systems integration, video analytics, facial recognition technology, physical security, CCTV, access control, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, video security systems, IT and cybersecurity controls.

His advice for pursuing the CSPM certification to fulfill your professional development goals? Don’t wait! “Hesitation will cost you,” he said.

Weithers has served as the President and CEO of Nu‐Pulse Technologies Inc. since 1998. Under his leadership, the firm has successfully completed projects for various levels of government as well as commercial customers in the retail, airline, transportation, construction, education and health care industries. And he credits CSPM with helping him to open new doors. Learn more about Weithers on LinkedIn.

To learn more about CSPM®, please contact Ame Enright at or 301‐804‐4741.

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