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This is a 3 week course that will meet for 2 hours 2 days a week.


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This course teaches employees, and anyone, through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and exercises, the skills, information and knowledge necessary to keep a company, organization, or home based systems safe from Cyber threats.


In well designed and protected IT systems, data in process by a person is the most vulnerable. Data in transit and at rest on a storage device can be subjected to cryptographic algorithms that make it unreadable in the absence of a huge work effort and the encryption keys to unlock the cypher text into plain text.


However, data must be deciphered into plain text and presented on a computer screen in order for a human to process it. This process applies to data from all sources including emails and databases. However, social engineering cyber attacks have accounted for a large part of network breaches. Therefore, although humans play a very vital role in the protection of data, they unfortunately represent a very weak link in a multi-layered Cyber defense strategy.


Nu-Pulse user awareness training provides your employees with the information and knowledge they need to keep your company or organization safe. Our training is designed to build a strong sense of security awareness. The result is that your employees see their roles in the protection of your company’s data from a perspective of safety. They no longer have trouble recognizing phishing schemes or determining if a web site is capable of encrypting financial or personal identification data or not. The strong risk awareness your employees develop after our training reduces the vulnerability and increases the blocking of cyber threats.


Price: $420

January 16, 2017
Vienna, VA
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Price: $420

Course Number: CS-111

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January 16, 2018
Vienna, VA
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02:00 PM  to  04:00 PM EST


Patrick Weithers

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