About Us

Since 1998 Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. has contributed to the success of companies and organizations by helping them to attain an advanced level of maturity in their Enterprise Information Technology Architecture, and reduce the enterprise wide IT risk profile. This is accomplished through careful planning and a shared vision for transformation, followed by a design build approach centering on continuous improvement, business continuity and high performance. We provide additional value to clients with an existing Information Technology infrastructure by building a strategy for migration to an envisioned secure enterprise information architecture.

Our mission for over 18 years has been to maintain a productive, highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce that provides our clients with the highest quality of service based upon utilization of proven principles and practices. We have always relied on independent past performance evaluations and ranking factors to assess our past performance on projects. Our in house training programs provide an environment of learning for both our customers and staff. We do not limit our in house training curriculum and learning practices to the class room, but instead we provide every student an opportunity for hands on practice, and the benefit of knowledge transfer of lessons learned.

Our highly skilled, certified and experienced staff take a proactive approach by embracing common architectural and proven risk frameworks for security assessments and compliance. Additionally, they use generally accepted principles and practices for securing client Information Technology systems in order to support governance and risk management practices.

Contracting Vehicles for Government

  • GSA Schedule 70 # GS-35F-0738J
    • SIN 132-51 IT Professional Services
    • SIN 132-45-A Vulnerability Assessment
    • SIN 132-45-B Incident Response
    • SIN 132-45-C Cyber Hunt
    • SIN 132-45-D Penetration Testing

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