Information Technology Services

Networks makeup the backbone of your Information Technology infrastructure, as well as the internet that delivers our messages, confidential information and email every day. However, surprisingly network vulnerabilities are very common. It is not uncommon to see baseline network configurations and network appliances deployed in production environments with default configurations including services that are never used. These flaws are simply due to a poor design. Nu-Pulse has been designing secure networks for years, and we understand that vulnerabilities heighten the risk profile of your company or organization.

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On the other hand, traditional software design models and development practices have traditionally taken the path of achieving a functional product. Performance and the user experience has traditionally been given a higher priority than security. In many cases, the security attribute is added on later by means of patching, or it is left up to the other zones in the IT infrastructure to mitigate vulnerabilities inherent to unsecure software. This simply broadens the attack surface and creates vulnerabilities to cyber attacks that can be very costly to corporations and organizations. Given the cost of a cyber breach, and the millions of dollars paid in ransomware, it makes sense to ensure that software functions securely.

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