Why should you select our training?

Today most successful organizations and companies rank Information Technology Security and Physical Security as highly important. This importance has grown over the years mainly due to the increase in cyber attacks. The damage to assets has been significant, and the impact of cyber warfare is felt globally. For these companies and organizations, protection is only available from their employees and consultants with expertise in Information Technology Security and Physical Security.


Our training program is founded on the belief that in order to be recognized, it is important to be highly capable at what you do. Having a certification is quite an achievement, however, we emphasize hands on training because we want graduates of our course to have the confidence needed, and to be recognized as value added at their place of employment or by their clients to whom they are engaged as consultants.


Why should you select our training?

Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. has been an IT systems integration and security company for over eighteen years. Our CEO is a CISSP, and is committed to quality in everything we do. We have years of experience performing on large security projects, work on the battlefield of Cyber Security, and understand the skills required to be successful. Our staff have years of the relevant experience which makes the difference in the total learning experience. We provide hands on experience that you can take back to your job, or discuss with confidence in an interview. Our courses don’t just prepare you to pass an exam, we prepare you to be a Cyber warrior.

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